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Privacy policy

The company BohemiaLED respects privacy of all individuals visiting our website. Any information collected about you will be used for granting the services requested by yourself, for information about new products and services and also for improvement of the service to our customers. Your data will be administered in compliance with the respective statutory instruments of European Union and of your country. Your data shall not be passed to third parties nor to daugter or associated companies of BohemiaLED nor to dealers, agencies or licencees of all the companies mentioned above, nor to any other companies with which BohemiaLED co-operates directly or indirectly to grant services in your favour.
BohemiaLED will not collect private data about you with the help of cookies however by accepting cookies you give your consent for BohemiaLED to store cookies into your browser. We wish to draw your attention to the fact that the ban of using cookies will probably influence the operation of the website of BohemiaLED and your experience during its use.
The goal of this declaration on privacy policy is to describe the types of information we collect during your visit to our website and to explain the way we use this information.


We protect data in a strict conformity with the principles of general directives of Europen Union, mainly with the Directive of the European Parliament and the Council 95/46/ES.
Any private information you decide to supply us will be kept in a secured server in the Czech Republic. A software of the server (SSL) will encode all the data you supply us.
This is, among others, a guarantee that the data we keep about you will be processed in a lawful and honest manner.  We do our best so that the collected data are exact, relevant and in an adequate extent. We shall keep these data up-to-date and we shall not save them longer than necessary. The data will be saved in a secured manner to prevent unauthorized access of third parties. You have the right to see which data are saved and to correct any inaccuracy.
BohemiaLED will not share nor lend any identifiable information about yourself to third parties without your consent. You can share general information on visit rate of our website with our partners or other parties in such a way that individual visitors could never be identified. Our website can be visited without granting any personal information. However we shall not be able to communicate with you without having your personal data.


Your private data are collected by intermediary of a registration form.  E.g. your name, e-mail address, country, language you prefer belong among the data we collect.
The data are used for:
If you decide to receive information or other forms of messages from us you can choose this possibility by crossing the respective field in the registration form.  By means of links in the section „Contacts“ you can also inform us by an e-mail any time that you do not wish to get information messages any more.
If you allow us to use your personal data for the above mentioned purposes we can pass this information to a company or an organisation from time to time which will be authorized by us to conduct e-mail communication or other communication  from the field of direct marketing in our name. In such a case we ensure that the  third parties working with your data fulfil all the respective legislative provisions about privacy policy.


Any time you will browse our website at the address and read or download information our computers will automatically register certain information about your visit from the computer you use for the access to our website.
This information does not identify you personally. It only tells us how many visitors come to see our website and which types of computers they use. We can improve the level of our website for all visitors and increase its benefits for you with such an information.
The information contains the following parts:
  • Date and time of your entry onto our website
  • How many and which pages you visited and how much time you spent on our website
  • Name of your internet domain (it can be your internet service provider, as e.g. or your workplace) and „IP“ address (a number assigned to your computer  any time you connect to internet) which enables you to enter our website.
  • The internet browser you use (e.g. Microsoft Explorer or Chrom) and the operating system of your computer (e.g. Windows 7)
  • The website from which you were linked, e.g.


Your e-mail address is used for answering your questions and requests only  unless we have your detailed approval as mentioned above.


You enjoy right as an invididual to be informed about the data we save about you and to make possible corrections. You have also right to ask us not to use these data by not giving us your consent on the registration form.
If you have any specific questions which have not been answered in this section or if you wish to know which data about yourself we have saved at present kindly send your request to the below mentioned address:
BohemiaLED s.r.o.
Toužimská 1203/24d
197 00  Praha 9-Kbely