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BOHEMIA LED s.r.o. is a completely Czech company focused on production, installation and service of unique LED light fixtures. We are producing high quality, modular light fixtures that fulfill high demands of lighting of public spaces - offices, schools, hospitals, millitary objects, car parks, etc. Our light fixtures are also installed and serviced by us. We are cooperating with many architects, designers, even directly with investors or institutions. We are offering unique financing options and interesting cooperation options. We can begin right now!

Why to use the luminaires manufactured by BohemiaLED?

1. The luminaires are made entirely in the Czech Republic.
2. We guarantee a high quality of the luminaires and grant a warranty period up to 5 years!
3. We focus on the influence of colour temperature on the human psyche and we can     recommend you a correct luminaire for any space.
4. We decrease costs for complete luminaires thanks to a patented system of interchangeable LED modules.
5. We project complete illumination systems and give advice on choice of the most suitable luminaires.
6. The external surfaces are made from noble materials: ground stainless steel, anodized aluminium, solid timber.
7. We offer a possibility to cooperate in specific projects with exacting customers.

 Why not to use LED lamps and LED tubes?

- They have an unsuitable cooling which causes a shortening of the lifetime.
- Inserting of a new light source (LED lamp, LED tube) in an old type of the luminaire does not bring the expected light effect compared with the expenses incurred